Golden Dreams

There is a place amongst the trees
Where I have learnt to grow,
I have looked out over treetops and wished for new days
They are falling now, softly and steadily,
The leaves, the days.
Winter bites at lost golden moments which fall only further away
And lie in a pile of yesterdays,
I cannot mourn for the loss chosen for me
I will fall no longer –
not in love,
not out of love,
My heart has rested long enough in a rejected heap
Like the scattering of foliage – it landed far from the sun.
To be found somewhere unknown,
Where Rainbows become floating wishes tied to a line
only deflated by the passing of time.
Few memories captured my intentions of love,
But my hands recall them well,
carefully tying up colours of joy
In my heart, in my smile,
Perhaps for a while.
Missing jigsaw pieces may be found,
and my corners may too meet again.
Framing me, loving me, making me whole,
A colourful companion will find me –
Amongst the trees – in a cold pile of


5 thoughts on “Golden Dreams

    • Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed visiting the warmth & beauty in your blissful garden. It is rather chilly and wintery in the Southern Hemisphere; only the very brave and forgiving iceberg roses are flowering in my garden. I just don’t have the heart to prune them yet.

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