amidst the daily grind…appreciating small pleasures


Why it is that coffee shops stir up a sense of mystery and excitement for me?
I am by no means a coffee connoisseur. Like most, I simply love to meet up for a good cup of coffee. I seem to have made a habit (quite unconsciously) of getting to coffee appointments a little earlier which allows me the time to observe the patrons around me.

Business meetings, family meetings, old friends, new acquaintances; it really doesn’t matter – meeting up and sharing coffee is so universal, so natural.

My senses explode at the sound of the coffee grinder – for me, the louder the better! The grinding “grrrrrs” followed by the heat escaping ‘’pisshhht” of the steam machine means that beans are transforming into something new and wonderful and that the foam is sure to be fabulously fluffy. I find it warmly amusing how the smell of coffee can percolate so many emotions and such unexpected excitement.

I have started observing the lines on the faces around me as the cup of comfort is presented. Lips all seem to carry a similar smirk of excitement as the foamy cappuccino appears or eyes light up as the balance of possibilities arrives in the form of a two-tone Latte.

What is it about coffee that makes you smile? Is it the comforting familiarity of a loyal flavour that is about to visit you again? Is the warmth you hold close to your chest while carefully clutching the cup in your hands? Or perhaps it’s simply that you can stop for a quiet moment between sipping on good coffee and shared company.


2 thoughts on “amidst the daily grind…appreciating small pleasures

  1. A fantastically good-tasting cup of coffee is a must, but for me, I *LOVE* the foam! And I’m not embarrassed to dip a finger and lick if there’s no spoon!

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