Hands on fire

hold my hand

Lifelines surge through my palms,
Braille readings and star ceilings –
of untold stories,
Stripped away of all veneers
Open hands
with only silhouettes as gloves

Gravity barely enfolds you,
Holding answers,
Sculpting spirits –
Grasping softness,
Clasping promises,

Reaching out for desert stars,
Touching earth only for a moment,
with gentle trembling
of a flicking flint,
of smouldering sparks
holding onto tender tingles,

Of a burning hand entwined with mine.



One can’t help but feel inspired by Daniel Popper’s desert art.  The hand on the horizon is only a portion of a larger sculpture that inspired my words above. It was too good to burn, but I imagined it figuratively anyway.  I was fortunate enough to see this marvel in person and take a few pictures. I remain in awe. For more information about Daniel Popper’s Installation Art created for Afrikaburn see http://danielpopper.com/


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