{Five} Vivere… dare to… life feeds on life


“We are talking not for us, but for them:
we are playing our music to the stars.
The stars have been playing theirs to us
for millions of nights: we are that music.
They brought us here, note by note;
every bit of the universe,
every monolith of light,
every blink of cosmic pollen
dissolving and then recomposing
countless times before we appeared
and began our arduous journeys
towards this secret meeting point.
And now we play ourselves back to them.
Now they are us; we their blood,
their breath, their heartbeat.
I am a midnight, you are
all there is to be
for midnight to strike
(As mighty as the infinite atom is,
how could they pack so much beauty
into such a tiny clump of matter?)

All the time this echo of waves
has trailed back to us,
has been expecting us to listen,
like two deaf eternities.
The echo of all sounds
in the dark tunnel of history.
Life feeds on life.”
– Piero Scaruffi (excerpt)



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