{Almost nine} A Mirrored Moo – “Your eyes show the strength of your soul”


And after you have spent enough time out in the meadow doing all the meditative meadowy things one tends to do when you’re alone – you know, chewing the cud (and digesting the crud) – find yourself a mirror and stare deeply into it.

Don’t look at your hair, your eyelashes or how shiny your nose is; stare beyond that to where your eyes see deeper.  Grab hold of who you see there, with your most stubborn sense of self-reflection and stare it out.


2 thoughts on “{Almost nine} A Mirrored Moo – “Your eyes show the strength of your soul”

  1. Have you ever noticed a baby with old looking eyes? I have encountered a toddler who was settled in her dad’s arms and who viewed me with the oldest, most solemn eyes I have ever seen. Makes you wonder how many lives each of us live, doesn’t it? Great post.

    • Oh yes, the thought of an old soul is fascinating. Age is really just a number when you meet beyond the physical. It often makes me wonder too. Thank you for your appreciation and stopping by. Truth be told, I am a bit cautious of cows, but drawn to them anyway. This one was more than inquisitive and seemed to want to check me out too. I didn’t feel any fear around her, so it really was a carefree and moving moment for me 😉

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