Iris arrived ~ dressed only in Sapphire

“Far overhead from beyond the veil of blue sky which hid them the stars sang again… Then there came a swift flash like fire (but it burnt nobody)…A glimpse, a little piece of their story, flapping like ribbon in the wind.”


4 thoughts on “Iris arrived ~ dressed only in Sapphire

    • Welcome Dale! A personal bit of playful time for me…but always fun to express in some way or another. I’m a great believer in mini messages from the universe. I probably would have thrived in the days of greek mythology 😉 Usually it’s the smallest coincidences at certain “well-timed” moments and then some words just jump out at me… I smile widely as I recall some of life’s prettier little things 😉 Thank you for the visit.

      • The lovely thing is, when you do have these “well-timed moments jump out at you”, you share them with us! Have a beautiful day! Here, the rain is non-stop…apparently until Sunday…

        • Thank you my dear for appreciating the ‘randomness’ 😉 I am enjoying the remaining colours of autumn; some brave attempts of the sun and the general chatter of birds as they round each other up, or huddle closer… especially since the big oak trees in the garden appear to have coordinated their undressing a few days ago. They must have called out to each other “1, 2, 3…drop those leaves!” 😉 Enjoy the rain and your weekend!

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