winter sky

winter sky

don’t trip me up on small silly words

or box me into illustrious desires of others

hidden in a cloak of shame or shadow,

because another summer glumly departed

I won’t be shackled to a wintery darkness

or a canvas without elaborate

colours painting my winter sky

*It was never the clouds fault,

they didn’t slam into me –

it was only words of hollow silence

that made me lose my foliage*

~ words ~ silence ~


poetry of branches,

grasping delicate light with climbing

hands, limbs, emerging tendrils,

filtered through a chorus

of endless ceilings,

yes, you – incredible pink!

you always find my face –

yes! you, symphony of dreams,

please, play on

let dust particles dance,

swirl them into brittle light

Tourmaline sun, sparkle

stretch through me

settle deeply in silhouettes

of stubborn Oak trees,

exposed, nourished, naked

freshly washed by gentle rain

where cool air whispers kindness over limbs

where leaves float only on the glitter of silky puddles,

quenching, sinking in through porous skin,

coloured bed of promise,

seeks me out, calls me closer –

finds me hovering,

 floating horizontally ~ in that soft peach dress

of winter sky.


4 thoughts on “winter sky

    • Twoje słowa są zawsze rodzaju!
      Mrs Dalloway, I am not sure this can even be classified as poetry 😉 More of an assemblage of motion in fallen leaves and the switching of seasons that colourfully bounces from an eccentric sort of pen from time to time – but I humbly thank you for your faith and appreciation nevertheless. Perhaps this crazy lady is talking to trees again 🙂

      “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus
      Some philosophy before breakfast 😉

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