As Night becomes Day

horisoninside outglow

Was it the moon or stars,

filling my glass

Climbing through darkness,

stretching across rippled blankets of sky?

I think it was you.

turning me inside out with reflections,

graceful light source – burning horizons

flickering warmth

Is it the sun who wakes me with splendor?

As night becomes day

I think it was you.



5 thoughts on “As Night becomes Day

  1. It will take more thought for me to understand why this makes my mind turn inside out, backwards and forward simultaneously. I believe I understand without knowing why. I suppose it is one of those “aha” moments. thank you for your time!

    • Thank you for your visit and thoughts.. Sometimes the light goes on instantly as you say in an “aha” moment…those are exciting. Often it is the sunrise or sunset that filters the light gently into a blush of a moment. Either way, I appreciate your time. Have a great weekend.

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