Travelling Dreams


“Dare to dream, for in the daring there is defiance to live beyond your circumstances” – Sue Williams


6 thoughts on “Travelling Dreams

  1. Yes, children’s energy, joy of being, of experiencing the moment …
    Childhood is not always such a joyful.
    but, they have obstinacy, children always oppose of sadness and nostalgia. We look enviously at a child’s curiosity, pulling toward the future, building rush.
    Yes, adventure an ongoing, life can be beautiful!
    ladywithlilies,your post like usually bring beauty and optymism. Smile at you warm, again

    • Thank you for sharing this moment and these thoughts with me. I tend to believe that with some creativity and determination, most things are possible…it only takes more than one dreamer to run into the dream . I smile warmly at you. ps. I am working on my Polish.. so far I can say enough words to know what I am serving for breakfast 😉 thank you for your patience and effort.

      • It may now, I should start by products for dinner 🙂
        I believe in dreams and determination in Their implementation directory
        what else would life be without dreams…
        Sent you good vibrations with warm smile

        • Perhaps the dinner menu could feature some “ser” and “pomidor”…then I am halfway there? 😉 Oh, and while I’m at it I will check the ingredients do not have any “oczy” 😉

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