Sea of Dreams ~ where an old dream is discovered after many years of growing


“Oh, she is watching me,
And her eyes they flow,
With fond and tender pain,
I know, time laid out a road,
We have walked alone,
Yet we meet again

Now, I know finally,
I’ve never been alone,
I just couldn’t see,
That like,
The swirling of the sea,
Lies a mystery,
That brings me back to you”

Jehro, Lyrics excerpt


4 thoughts on “Sea of Dreams ~ where an old dream is discovered after many years of growing

  1. One thing is certain, we so dream, we can’t stop , we can’t to focus on what was, but go “forward with life,” as the poet say.
    How many in this bliss, poetry and color !!
    An excess of happiness would it to become a dreamer, creativty, creative with full of energy.
    I consider that we are creating our future, we can’t set ourselves the boundaries of knowledge, becoming and development of the. We are this someone, who we themselves have created.
    Absolutely and utterly I am going to fulfil a few of your dreams 🙂 I will not stand passively by and watch like time passes. Because I’m afraid, that I will miss me something beautiful and touching.

    this is … very nice and poignant feeling, to think that someone shares your desires – a feeling not to be underestimated!
    you always wake up my mind, to reflection, in beautiful way

    • Mrs Dalloway, I am touched by your words and yes, the mad philosopher in me is always treading water, dreaming and believing that to create is to live and to wish is to create. Perhaps you understand this inside of me very well, that when one flings a stone into the sea it is not in the sound it makes, how many times it skims the surface or where it lands…rather that it is about casting hope into something that is living. I think you are able to imagine my odd combination of pictures and words, and for that I am grateful. I shall now run along and talk to my hounds and my chickens since they are making it known that it is feeding time at the zoo 😉 Thank you for your thoughts and sharing… you inspire me endlessly with your posts too.
      Mostly, thank you for your excellent English allowing me to communicate with you… My Polish needs much more work!

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