because I tilt my head a little every time I read the gentle stories you write about love.


5 thoughts on “receptive

    • Thank you Dale. I was ‘introduced’ to Carla Bruni on an inflight music channel on my way to France around 10 years ago…I don’t think I listened to much else for the duration of the 11hr flight, it did seem an appropriate ‘meeting’ 😉 Have a lovely day.

  1. your words
    reminded me a Polish poet’s poem, M.P.Jasnorzewskiej

    Someone got a letter. Someone’s heart races.
    Apple trees are in blossom, she’ll read it there.
    She reads, clasps her hand to her throat, Loses
    her footing, and she drowns in air.

    Entering inside, I felt the smell of old wood. Nature made ​​oneself comfortable inside for good.
    Inside was dark … I always affects me at such times, a strong surge of adrenaline.
    Stairs, which I went in to inside be in good shape, but led to a place where no have one wall.
    Wooden planks bent under my feet.
    I like the silence, the sound of my feet penetrating the next space … the sound of the wind, filling the gaps, chips and scratches, and these intricately crafted details, finishes, portals, windows, stairs …
    I wondered, standing on the next floor if I should enter the attic. I never know what I would …see or some rotten degree would not bend and break under the pressure of my body weight.

    sometimes I think
    maybe in this place some time lived love also

    Beautiful post!!! Really !
    warm smile for you.

    • Dziękuje bardzo Mrs Dalloway 😉
      There are so many wonderful Polish poets. I am pleased that you can share some of these, thank you! Perhaps one day I will try write something in Polish. You have a fine eye for noticing forgotten and abandoned buildings and appreciating the history they carry. This is a gift.
      Uśmiecham się serdecznie z powrotem

      • Maybe Polish People as the Portuguese, have poetry in the blood. even though me missed this gift effectively.
        You carry in yourself metaphors, images, and wisdom to create with them new meanings.
        My imagination drifts here always free and happy.
        Therefore, expect subsequent visits.
        And now you say goodbye in Polish language : Dobranoc i życzę spokojnej nocy.

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