Mystery road ~ A vulnerable place of beauty

mystery road

“C’est tellement mystérieux, le pays des larmes.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

 Tell them there are no roads,
no country borders
we are not definitions,
fingers pointed on a map
we are all bends, back roads,
all highways to the sun
where there is magic,
beyond lines,
curves or territories
 mysterious tributaries
carrying silent tears
 soothing through contours
evaporating pathways,
 puddles on cheeks
    a vulnerable place
of warm beauty, porous skin
where breath becomes mist


2 thoughts on “Mystery road ~ A vulnerable place of beauty

  1. I am not good poet
    but K.K.Baczyński was very good poet.
    my imagination flowing with with your words
    I remember one roads …
    thank you again for beauty your soul.

    ‘Again the wander warm country
    malachite meadow sea.
    Birds Return to die of oranges at a crossroads.
    it purplish gray sky meadows liquidity spreads arcades.
    Landscape in the eyes softly soaks,
    congealed salt on the bare lips.
    And in the evenings in the currents of bays
    night sea licks sweet mane.
    Sounds like a soft summer pears as
    wind blanched nettle.
    Before fountains pearl grapes
    night celebrities giving away.
    Again in warm earth wander,
    wander Again the warm land.’

    • Dear Dalloway, ”Landscape in the eyes softly soaks…before fountains pearl grapes…” yes, this rolls down the page through incredible imagery. I thank you for coupling these beautiful words of K.K.Baczyński to my small strange puddle of imagination. I am ever grateful for your sharing of beauty, kind words and visits – to be educated on Polish poetry is a wonderful treat. Dziękuję BARDZO 😉

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