Kite flying ~ holding onto dreams


Flying particles – rhythm of air
flowing hair…untied
dancing now
streams of light – fine strands
of consciousness
flying through softened skies
winged shooting stars –
what was that – did you see it?
flashes – eyes, silver, gold – magic
glowing, twirling….
running, playing – coming up for
Air – flying in formation
dancing gypsy’s running for
nowhere and everywhere –
turning in delight. listen…
music starts again, as eyes flicker

blink , I must blink.
close eyes only for a split second,
– too long, too long…open wings
fall together – swooping souls
gently – travelling
velvet clouded flashbacks,
golden whispered light
just enough – midnight sun
eyes gazing, fixed
small smiles growing from
corners of crowded minds
spirits unbroken, quivering.
outstretched wings
gently lifting again, with glowing smile
   ‘that smile’
stare back a while –
running, laughing – suspended in
timeless treasures – airborne mind

sounds of every dream set loose in midair;
touch them softly, tug at every one,
flying through the breeze of time.

for you


6 thoughts on “Kite flying ~ holding onto dreams

  1. So beautiful…. I must get this music! Thank you for sharing not only your lovely words but the accompanying music!

  2. Dreams always give life dimension of poetry, extraordinary, even in the face of overwhelming everyday. it’ s flowing under my head like clouds, and I draw every moment out hand to get at them.
    LadyWithLilies it is extremely beautiful. Your words touched me very much and became embedded in my soul.
    thank you so much for beauty of words and images, and music.

    • Dziękuję Mrs Dalloway!
      I hadn’t considered symbolism of kite-flying and touching dreams enough until I imagined the great care you take over the little minds in your day-to-day with your wisdom, courage, patience and thoughtfulness. You inspire these little ones daily – this is an incredible gift.

      I am also inspired to continue dreaming through the simple things – as I watch the smile on a small boys face as he flies a kite, or perhaps a small girl’s smile as she swings through the air like a trapeze artist. We all need dreams and happy imagery.
      My words are only small bizarre scatterings… but the talented Nin wrote about kites too: “Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.” ― Anaïs Nin

      • you have right.

        Sometimes the only such extreme situations make us truly happy. Or maybe may we want to try ? Maybe we want to feel like kids, again? Do not think about the rules and consequences! Go with the flow! Forget even for a moment, and may not even try to become an adult and responsible.We are looking for experience, curious about what is distant and extremely impossible intrigued by it, making it difficult to have as a base. So stick to the golden mean, or at any price pursue what brings joy and makes you smile? I remember the documentary film “Man on Wire” . The main character is Philippe Petit – tightrope walker, who at the turn of the 60s and 70s of the last century far exceeded the limits of human capabilities. August 7, 1974, he made things seemingly impossible – passed the cable set between the towers of the World Trade Center, 417 meters above the ground.
        I believe in power of our dreams.

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