In great waves and small moments…


“There is no end there is no beginning, there is only the passion of life”


“I am trying to free my work from certain constrictions – a story with a beginning, a development, an ending. It should be more like a poem with metre and cadence.” – Federico Fellini


9 thoughts on “In great waves and small moments…

    • Thank you Dear Dalloway,
      I cannot take full credit for the first photo… although I took this photo, it is in fact of the programme of an incredible international ballet I saw… it was in a full theatre, with over 1400 seats, though the person who accompanied me made me feel like we were the only audience. For that moment, I was in a wave of a dream – the light fell on my face in awe as I watched as the artists danced through the sky. Yes, there is much to write poetry about.

      • Where the mind is helpless, the body finds itself just in dance. Yes, it’s very fortunate to be able to share the experience with another person, with a person who cries and laughs at the same time. who does not need to explain – why we feel it.

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