flowering inferno


because you immediately saw the flowering inferno inside of me, and reminded me of my passionate heritage.


5 thoughts on “flowering inferno

  1. because we are
    like flowers in bloom
    on unknown meadow
    under the big empty sky

    my body could not resist the music …
    so now feet dance this rhythm

    the same rhythm

    smiling at you!

  2. on the piano of heart
    touching tenderly
    with all sounds which seem harmonious melody
    the accelerated
    pace of reach
    to the thinnest strings

    uśmiecham się do Ciebie.

  3. You ladies blow me away with your poetry and musical choices. I sit here, in awe, reading your word exchanges.. LadiesWithLillies and MrsDalloway – you truly inspire me to dig deeper.

    • Dear Dale, thank you for your words. Mrs Dalloway and I do have some fun here…perhaps in the way one would find a kindred spirit quite unexpectedly, and then like little girls, once you start dancing, find it hard not to. We both appreciate your visits and kindness so much. Heightened sensitivity found through imagery, words, music and poetry certainly reaches beyond all formal language. I know you understand this too. So I thank you for your appreciation and encouragement of my often ‘strange’ musings 😉 ps. Mrs Dalloway is far more clued up on wonderful music than I am. I am always inspired by her choices too.

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