She whispered softly


“Fall, I will catch you.”  It felt like an eyelash rolling down my cheek.  I caught it.  I heard the unmistakable sound of tiny ballerinas dancing through a velvet forest floor. “Shhh”, she said, “hide behind my shadow, I will catch my breath between the petals.”

for You


6 thoughts on “She whispered softly

  1. Good morning with warm smile.

    reading this I feel the warm breath on the back … took my breath away – so much beauty and delicacy! You are a magician of beauty

    • Good morning with warm smile returned. Thank you, but I may not be a magician, I am only inspired by magic…this thought is only a small whisper from where there is endless poetry running wildly through forests, laughing and by evening the heat of fire reminding me that all tightly closed buds burst open with a touch of golden strands of light… and because all languages really do sound the same inside –
      “ciepły deszcz pić, nasiona wiosną rzucać na wiatr
      popijając dzień ~ z naszych dusz”

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