Reflections ~ across that place, and this – she called it Metaphysical…

Blue-silver face reflected, shadowed through her mouth, funneled tightly – a new loop of time.  New pages to be written –
timelessness – where are you?  pressing knuckles against white edges
– pages unread – confusion set between now and then,
past – future – frayed
flurry of hands,  small answers reflected,
hidden in history of green stems – climbing
grappling thoughts – crossing minds in
random rhythm of rotating pictures
back to front – inside out
brown eyes drink her in –
Soaking words – linguistic curves
one by one,
strings of understanding , unravelling –


3 thoughts on “Reflections ~ across that place, and this – she called it Metaphysical…

  1. I was just thinking of you and here you are. Such lovely images and the words, oh, I so envy your gift…

    • And I trust you are well Dale. I so admire your strength and positivity. As for ‘gift’…not so sure about that..Some days words just nag me to play with them… I so appreciate your kindness though. How fun it would be to hop across the globe to you with Mrs Dalloway for a cup of tea 🙂 have a lovely week.

      • I am indeed, kind lady! Well they may nag, but you still play very well! Wouldn’t that just be the best? What stories we would tell! You too, have a lovely week!

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