eight ~ perhaps another endless number

Words are limited. To see your thoughts buried deeply behind burning eyes, is all I can carry for you… and so, as feeble as it is, my sun-drenched wish ~ becomes yours.

I am here, you are here.


4 thoughts on “eight ~ perhaps another endless number

    • Thank you kindly Dale. As I sit here at 4pm my time and begin to feel a small chill in the air; and notice the leaves beginning to smile orange at me, I know with consideration and certainty that the warmth of summer will find you soon.

  1. sometimes a few fleeting, ethereal moments can become something permanent, deep and timeless
    you said : “this is story” I think this is beautiful story with soft pictures

    • Yes Mrs Dalloway, The most beautiful stories are often the simplest ones that live on in the imagery we carry in our gentlest thought or soft lit imagination – those without a definite beginning or end, they travel with us, etched somewhere deeply between then and now, where they become embellishments making up the ever changing character and thread of oneself. All stories carry some form of beauty – at least the stubborn idealist in me believes in the common thread of ethereal moments felt and those still wanting to be told, sometimes for a reason, and sometimes without.

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