break through


she rose above turbulence – light trickled in – no walls could contain her,

golden streams,

                           gently pulsing – through.


4 thoughts on “break through

  1. We need sometimes break, quiet time, but I like when my thoughts flows fast , maybe this is reason, I like poems
    K. Miłobędzka :
    “[…]to save the course of thought flow of words in the run of world. In where
    I run, which run of me
    To talk, not to write. but to save. Zdążyć.
    I don’t think in words. I think in pictures. The world thinking me a running animals plants humans. Better say,
    I run. World runs through my head by things.
    (the running pictures, pieces of pictures in the running looking for
    of course this is my bad english , but I am sure , you forgive me this.
    Thank you for your thoughts and big picture. My head is again full….( with big smile ), and music – amazing!

    • “I am of flowers
      of bird’s wing
      the wind lives in me
      when unfolded
      I catch the wind
      drops of green rain
      awaken me with the spring
      and I rub my eyes…”

      birds have two wings, to stay in balance I presume… when we met, pictures always spoke louder than words… language means nothing when it can’t be translated by imagery. Thank you for your words, all of them… warm gentle smile to you.

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