they grow wildly together ~ anywhere ~

growinganywhere…they grow freely together, like wild flowers ~ across all seasons, all boundaries ~ in all conditions…

 mapped by poetry.

“Under the rose-tree’s dancing shade, there stands a little ivory girl, pulling the leaves of pink and pearl with pale green nails of polished jade.”

…With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” – Oscar Wilde


A growing poem ~ rolling down the edge of sunlit stems.. delicate words ~ fine shadows drink us in.



6 thoughts on “they grow wildly together ~ anywhere ~

  1. I’m not a fan of S. King, but he wrote something that stuck in my memory :”The house is watching the moon rising over the sage and the company of someone, you can call up to the window, so that you viewed it together”
    It’s an honor to be able to view world by your eyes.
    Beautiful My Dear !

    • My heart a symptomatic creature
      beating always faster
      for the poorer, for the sadder, for the lonely creature
      And the tendrils of hair falling passed the tree,
      Said to me – this time, this one wants to be,
      a mirror, a frame peering back – a heartbeat ~ rhythmic ~ Just like me,
      extraordinary mind gifts exchanged,
      another generous poetic soul said she…
      falling deeply into the world’s sadness
      in yellow coloured leaves,
      she wrapped me
      my lost consciousness now breathes
      …adoration transporting every forgotten, misused soliloquy – my arms falling,
      reaching like willow trees, wrapped gently around a stream
      she is beside me.

    • Thank you nia. your fascination is my pleasure 😉 I love flowers almost as much as I love words, so these two grow wildly together. welcome to my little place of obscurities. M

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