words stare through souls like buttonholes

lacedpoetry, words, a backwards evolution ~ lacing up, one piece of fabric …

to another…

Words found her ~

those little bitter pills… swallowing her tongue

into mini ecstasies – poetic thrills,

hand-outs and fall downs,

love addicts pupils dilated ~ by words threaded softly ~ wrapping themselves in barbed wire,

she grew up with every letter forming short circuits to the nerves of her soul ~

where  to feel is to bleed and to fly is to tumble…

without one word buttoned to another; she becomes unstable,

“‘never apologise” ~ for breathing in poetic symbols…

where words stare through souls like buttonholes.


4 thoughts on “words stare through souls like buttonholes

  1. Fantastic…the words, the images…absolutely brilliant. I just adore that final line- “‘never apologise” ~ for breathing in poetic symbols…
    where words stare through souls like buttonholes.” Superb.

    • Thank you Mr Kind.. Being one of those who always finds greatness in miniscule symbolisms & once apologised for not boxing up poetic beats or taping up the endless words… I have found a soft place to store them in their often disastrous disorder 😉 – a place for them to play freely. It’s time to embrace these words…and not let them throttle me because society believes in neat and tidy emotion. Neat and tidy sentences, to go with a life of tidy boredom… so when they flow… I let them now…they do more good than harm. Even if only for a few of us 😉 Your writing reflects the same.

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